Inclusion Culminating Activity 2022

The Pastoral Care department spearheaded a culminating activity with the theme “Grit…Grip…Greatness” last June 28, 2022 held in the St. Mary’s Muhaisnah library. The Pastoral team – Miss Maf, Miss Ampi, Miss Kate and Miss Ann, headed by Sister Victoria awarded a certificate of completion from the Inclusion programme to the following students. Amber Ella […]

Managing Challenging Behaviours in the Classroom

CPD for Teachers 12 May 2022 The Pastoral Care Department had spearheaded a CPD webinar for teachers on “Managing Challenging Behaviours in the Classroom” to enhance teaching and learning. The team invited Dr. Rajeshree Singhania to be the resource speaker for the CPD webinar. To understand the student better, Dr. Singhania explored the four  functions […]


The collaborative home-school partnership of the Inclusion parents and the entire Pastoral Team (Inclusion and Wellbeing, Guidance and Counseling) organized a significant advocacy in helping St. Mary’s Muhaisnah students, specifically those under the care of the department.  The event commenced with an  opening prayer led by Mr. Sulaman John Alam, the parent hired Learning Support […]

Student Leaders of Provision for Students of Determination

Last 12 September 2019, the Students of Determination had a chance to elect their Student Leader of Provision for upper primary and secondary level. The students were delighted with the warm welcome given by Ms. Maria Jolit Angeline P. Malaya, SEND Coordinator. Ms. Marie Fe Cimafranca, Learning Support Teacher for the secondary level, invited the […]

2 Session ABA Training for Learning Support Assistants

                It was the beginning of the Academic Year 2019-2020 when the Inclusion Department of SMM gave a valuable training to the Learning Support Assistant. The day began with an orientation and a brief review of the Policies on Inclusion by our SEND Coordinator, Ms. Maria Jolit Angeline P. Malaya.                 Afterwards, Ms. Mary Ann […]


11 September 2019, Inclusion Support Team – Pastoral Care Department talked about Inclusion practices in St. Mary’s Muhaisnah and how to engage students in this advocacy. The activity aimed to inform and increase awareness of inclusive practices in school and in UAE in general. Ms. Jolit Angeline Malaya, SEND Coordinator discussed the Dubai Inclusive Education […]

Graduation/ Culminating Activity 2019

The Inclusion Support Department held the very first Graduation/ Culminating Activity on 27th of June 2019. The said activity was attended by Mr. John Turner, SMG Inclusion Governor, Sr. Tess Bayona, SPC, School Directress, Sr. Victoria Lavente, SPC, Pastoral Head, IST Department, parents and candidates for graduation. This year we have four students of determination […]

Managing Anxiety and Mood Difficulties in Young People

On the 14th of June 2019, a training was conducted by Ms.Leizle Beriña, Guidance & Career Counsellor-KS3. The talk was about Managing Anxiety and Mood Difficulties in Young People. Ms. Lei defined what anxiety means and further elaborated as she went along her discussion. She also presented two brain images: having anxiety disorder and not […]


On 30th of May 2019, Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) had a training on “Speech Delay and Intervention Technique.”  Ms. Ampi Tenorio, Learning Support Teacher, briefly shared about the difference between Speech (actual sound of spoken language), Language (symbols of written, spoken or gestures) and the Speech Pathologist as the one who assess, work to prevent […]