Primary (Yrs.1-6)

Primary ( KS1 & KS2)

The students are at the heart of all learning in Primary.  The strong teacher-student bond creates an enabling learning environment that allows the students to express themselves freely and nurture their natural curiosity in learning.   Students are motivated learners who look forward to being in school every day.  Besides academic goals, character formation is one of our core focuses and the St. Mary’s Muhaisnah core values of respect, honesty, excellence and compassion are lived in every minute of the school day.  In our multicultural atmosphere, students learn to embrace diversity as a strength and be prepared for being future global citizens. 

Across Primary, the morning tutor time is devoted to inculcating a love for reading and well-being activities.  While following the National Curriculum of England, an inspiring curriculum is implemented through the integration of current and cultural aspects of the student’s lives to make it meaningful and engaging. Subject enrichment through wide-ranging and challenging interactive activities adds to the deepening of learning in all subjects. 

In KS1, the class tutors teach English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Art, Physical Education, Phonics and Guided Reading while specialist teachers teach ICT, Music, and any one of the following options – Values Education or Islamic Studies or Global Citizenship. 

In KS2, we inspire a love of learning and cultivate confident students who look forward to embracing challenges as a means to making progress in their daily lessons.  We set the bar high and simultaneously provide the necessary support to foster a growth mindset in each and every student.  Students are taught to treat challenges as a natural part of learning that needs to be viewed positively. 

All subjects in KS2 are taught by specialist teachers.  Students are inspired to try their very best and be proud of their efforts.  Classrooms witness positive interactions among students and teachers, collaboration with peers and visible thinking. 

A weekly positive education period aims to provide essential life skills to students. In addition, themes like charity, peace, sustainability, environment protection, health, hygiene and mental health, to name a few, are a part of the student’s school life through assemblies and events. Learning is extended beyond the walls of the classroom through trips, workshops, inter and intra-school activities, engagement with the community and student council activities.  

A well-rounded programme in the Primary caters to every need of the students and helps them to grow holistically.

Student Leadership

Student voice is an important feature of St. Mary’s Muhaisnah culture.  One of the many ways St. Mary’s Muhaisnah aims to develop the leadership qualities of the students is through its Student Council which is set up to offer the KS2 students myriad opportunities to grow responsible teenagers.  The team is closely involved in the efficient running of the school eg. maintaining discipline, and cleanliness and working for the protection of the environment, facilitating the enhancement of the well-being of the students and supporting the students who are in need of help.

A. Structure : The Primary Student Council comprises :

  1. Head Boy & Head Girl ( from Y6) ,
  2. Asst. Head Boy & Asst Head Girl ( from Y5),
  3. House Captains ( from Y6),       
  4. Asst House Captains ( from Y5) ,       
  5. Wellbeing Ambassador (from Y6),         
  6. Student Care Ambassador (from 6)  
  7. Environment Protection Officer (from Y6)

Each section of Y3-6 will have a Wellbeing Officer, an Environment Protection Officer and a Student Care Ambassador.

Wellbeing Team – Y3-6    

Student Care Team – Y3-6    

Environment Protection Team – Y3-6

The Student Council members are provided leadership training in every term to prepare them for their roles as successful leaders of the school.