The SMM Clinic

SMM High School is a health-promoting school in Dubai that constantly strengthens its capacity as a healthy setting for living, learning, and working.

The school clinic functions as a primary healthcare facility and a vaccination-qualified center that strives to provide the holistic and highest level of quality healthcare services to every student and staff with the dignity and respect they deserve.

It is managed by qualified and well-trained medical staff (one full-time doctor and two full-time nurses) governed by the Dubai Health Authority’s School Health Regulation Unit.

SMM clinic is located on the ground floor behind the reception of the main building and is open from Monday to Friday between 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. and during special school events.

Contact information for any questions/concerns regarding your child’s health:

  1. 04-261-4014 ext. 219
  2. E-mail Addresses:


Scope of Services

  • Adheres to the Dubai Health Authority’s School Health Unit Regulations.
  • Implements policies and health care services that respect an individual’s wellbeing and dignity.
  • Promotes health and wellness to all the students and staff through health education and counseling.
  • Provides treatment and management of minor illnesses and injuries including appropriate medication as necessary.
  • Provides health care plans for students with an existing medical condition (chronic diseases) as per DHA’s school health regulations.
  • Performs routine Medical Examinations and Screenings for all students (Head-to-toe assessment, height, weight, & BMI taking, and vision screening).
  • Continuous assessment, care planning, and ongoing evaluation of students to identify specific health problems that may be deterrents to student’s educational performance in school.
  • Plans, implements, and evaluates vaccination programs for all students, under the supervision of DHA.
  • Reviews and updates each student’s immunization record (identification of students due for vaccines, doing follow-ups to students not complying through letters, phone calls, and Google classroom reminders).
  • Promotes and assists in the control of communicable diseases through monitoring of immunization status, early detection, prevention, surveillance, reporting, and referrals.
  • Communicates and collaborates with parents, staff and SEND as appropriate.
  • Maintains medical health records for all the students and staff, and do necessary updates on their health files.
  • Documents all the necessary cases (daily census, accidents, behavioral issues, and incident reports) to maintain adequate records of services rendered and to assist in referrals and follow-up
  • Identifies and eliminates hazards to the health and safety of students and staff in coordination with other school departments.
  • Maintains and submits reports to the SMM’s School Director, Principal, and Nurse Supervisors of DHA as scheduled.

SMM Clinic Policies and Procedures