International GCSE (IGCSE)
Why study IGCSE Curriculum?

International GCSE are globally recognised qualifications with academic content and assessment designed specifically for international learners. At SMM, IGCSE course is a three- year programme designed for candidates aged 14 to 16 years, starting at Year 9. Students who complete the IGCSE exams will receive a certificate that is recognized across the world.

IGCSE is an important milestone in their academic development since it occurs at a time when students are beginning to broaden their horizons intellectually, prepare for higher education, and consider their future careers. We provide more than 15 subjects in the expectation that each student would select a varied mix of subjects in accordance with their specific career goals.

Our Key Stage 3/4 curriculum is thoughtfully designed to provide a range of opportunities where students may take measured risks, raise questions to excite their cognitive interest, and explore topics to deepen their understanding while fostering critical thinking skills.

Languages, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, creative arts, and technical disciplines are all included in the IGCSE’s comprehensive diverse study program. Our school works to give psychometric evaluations and counselling sessions to get insight into the future path based on the learners’ aptitude and abilities in order to ensure that all students select appropriate subjects from the available options.

The IGCSE uses 9-1 point scale, with Grade 9 being the highest which is not the same as A*; it’s a new grade, designed to recognise the very highest performing students. In 9-1 point scale, Grade 5 is considered as strong pass and Grade 4 is considered as a standard pass. The higher and lower-tier system is designed to ensure IGCSEs are attainable for all levels of ability.