Social Studies

The Social Studies department of St. Mary’s Muhaisnah aspires to develop its students holistically within the framework of the UK National Curriculum and the UAE National Agenda inspired Social Studies standards as its foundation.

With this, SST is divided into 3 main subjects, UAE Social Studies infused with Moral Education, UK History, and Geography. SST is taught for 50 minutes, three times a week, making sure that UAE Social Studies gets 900 minutes of teaching time per term as required by the DSIB.

The department is dedicated to offer student-centred lessons, projects, activities and school-trips that develop skills in critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, innovation, research and presentation, that would prepare them for their post-school careers. Moreover, student’s independence, digital competence and creativity are prioritised to produce globally competitive individuals. These are practiced through group-works and individual learnings, differentiated to meet the needs of all students, providing comprehensive feedback to inform students of their attainment and targets.

Furthermore, real life connection, cross-curricular links and cultural awareness are instilled among the learners in order for them to understand the past, engage in the present and impact the future of the country positively.