11 September 2019, Inclusion Support Team – Pastoral Care Department talked about Inclusion practices in St. Mary’s Muhaisnah and how to engage students in this advocacy. The activity aimed to inform and increase awareness of inclusive practices in school and in UAE in general.

Ms. Jolit Angeline Malaya, SEND Coordinator discussed the Dubai Inclusive Education Framework and the school’s services and provision. She also discussed the mandates of making Dubai an inclusive city.

Moreover, Ms. Marie Fe “Maf” Cimafranca, Learning Support Teacher, engaged the students in coming up with ways to make the school inclusive.  

On a personal level, the students were also asked to write practical ways they can contribute to equality and a barrier-free school environment.

They wrote their responses on a sticky note and most students wrote that they will use appropriate terms and extend respect to others. Students were also encouraged to be a “learning buddy” to their classmates.

Lastly, the event concluded with the sign up of student volunteers to aid in the different support programs of the school. Students who excel in English, Maths, Science and Arabic signed up to be part of this volunteering initiative.

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