It was the beginning of the Academic Year 2019-2020 when the Inclusion Department of SMM gave a valuable training to the Learning Support Assistant. The day began with an orientation and a brief review of the Policies on Inclusion by our SEND Coordinator, Ms. Maria Jolit Angeline P. Malaya.

                Afterwards, Ms. Mary Ann Rianzares, School Behaviourist and Guidance Counsellor in the Primary Department, gave an engaging activities to the participants. The activity gave a chance to the Learning Support Assistants to socialize and know more their collegues. The workshop had discussed the following topics: Meaning and Implications of Holistic Approach, deeper understanding of “Educative System” on the learners in the level of existence and being, The Psychology/Nature of Learners both with medical and psychological perspectives, and Based Need Intervention.

                Group dynamics were given by Ms. Ann to the LSAs to further understand themselves. The participants enjoyed the activity and had a chance to reflect on their personalities. Ms. Ann emphasized the basic 3 R’s of Holistic education namely; Relationship which involves learning self-respect and self-esteem, Responsibility which centres  on social and emotional literacy, and Reverance which zeroes in the need to learn resilience. She also discussed the difference between Nature (natural) and Nurture (nurturance) and how affects the child’s behavior at home and in school. 

                For the Second Part of the ABA training, Ms. Ann presented the different terms of concern with the BSE. She showed informative videos about ADHD, Autism, and Emotion Regulation. She also discussed the symptoms of the said behaviour. The LSAs were given the approaches that may be used to help these children like: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Behaviour Accommodations Techniques that they can apply if they encountered these students

                The concept of Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) and its approaches like Reinforcements, Shaping, and Chaining were given on how to effectively use them.

                The training ended with a thought that the new learning will be effectively used as a help in dealing with students of determination

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