The Pastoral Care department spearheaded a culminating activity with the theme “Grit…Grip…Greatness” last June 28, 2022 held in the St. Mary’s Muhaisnah library.

The Pastoral team – Miss Maf, Miss Ampi, Miss Kate and Miss Ann, headed by Sister Victoria awarded a certificate of completion from the Inclusion programme to the following students.

  1. Amber Ella Athayde- 4B           
  2. Asher Keane Pinto- 4B
  3. David Mina Raafat- 6A
  4. Ali Ahmad Al Dali -6B
  5. Leon Angelo Riche -5B
  6. Kyle Miguel Rizon – 6C
  7. Abigail Nicole Sandeep – 8C
  8. Ron James Homicillada – 8A
  9. Akein Siriwardane – 8A
  10. Aryan Jinesh Vaikkatil – 11A

The event represents the culmination of the students’ academic and socio-emotional journey through intervention, accommodations, well-being activities,  academic and behavioral plans.

Having the opportunity to stand before peers, teachers, parents and the Senior Leadership Team made the ten students happy and proud, knowing that they will be transitioning from inclusion to the mainstream, academically prepared and ready, resilient and optimistic, engaging and positive behaviour.

The activity was hosted by Saeed Altamimi an inclusion representative and Salaash a year 10 student who demonstrated  competence and determination in facilitating the event.

“Every time the sun rises, a new hope begins.” Everyday is a journey,  a journey of grit,  grip and greatness.

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