World Wild Life Day


 “It would be absolutely useless for any of us to work to save wildlife without working to educate the next generation of conservationists.” – Jane Goodall

World Wildlife Day is an important event to raise awareness of the extraordinary diversity of wildlife and marine life that we have today. ‘ In 2022, the theme is ‘Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration.’

The primary students of SMM celebrated World Wildlife day on 8th March 2022. The Assembly saw enthusiastic participation from Year 1 to Y6. Children came wearing masks of different endangered animals. The students performed skits, gave speeches, sang songs and spoke about how these animals are endangered and the need to save them.

Through their performances, the students encouraged everyone to do their part in protecting the wildlife and the environment.

Let’s make every possible effort to conserve and safeguard our wildlife. Each step taken by us in this direction will have a lasting impact on our future