UAE Flag Day is an occasion when all the people in UAE come together as one to honour and love the founding fathers of this amazing country and its astonishing flag. St. Mary’s Muhaisnah celebrated this on the 6th of November 2018.

The assembly started as the Key Stage 3 students were gathered in their assembly area and led a prayer. It was followed by the singing of the UAE National Anthem. Then, Elizza and Hannah from 8C presented facts about UAE Flag Day and the reason why it is celebrated in UAE.

Immediately after that, the Assistant Head Boy, Dallan, together with Miss Karen, Sister Tess, teachers and the St. Mary’s Muhaisnah Marching Band led the parade. Everyone was waving their flags with pride as they go around the school.

When the parade was over, everyone was once again gathered in the KS3 assembly area and sang the UAE National Anthem while they were waving their flags.

Indeed, whatever nationality you may have, if you are in UAE, you are all united.

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