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10-year old Elijah Lluvi Caballero of Year 5C clinched one of the 3 top spots in the acclaimed ‘Emirates Literature ENBD Poetry for All’ competition held virtually on the 28 th of February, 2021.

Elijah Lluvi Caballero was the harbinger of success for SMM’s participants in national competitions when he was named as one of the winners for this year’s ‘Emirates Literature NBD Poetry for All’ competition. This was the maiden venture of the school in poetry contests.

The competition which aims to kindle enthusiasm for poetry recitation and provide the students an opportunity to express their emotional response to the author’s use of the English language and their ideas, started on November 9, 2020, with the semi-finals. Elijah participated in the category of the age group 8- 13 years. His understanding, fluency and confidence in conveying the message of Roald Dahl’s ‘The Dentist and the Crocodile’ wowed the audience and judges alike. This qualified him to be one of the twelve students for the ultimate round.

On Sunday, 23 rd of February, Elijah enthralled the audience in the final competition with his spontaneous delivery, engaging and animated performance of the same poem and secured his place among the top three!

“I am surprised for at first I thought I did not do well. I am honoured to have represented my school and made my family proud,” quips Elijah, “I will try to enhance more of my skills to get better at poetry, and I look forward to partake in more extra-curricular activities.”

St. Mary’s Muhaisnah is truly proud of what Elijah has achieved. Mr. Jaime Roth, principal of SMM, was profoundly pleased with his achievement and commented, “You should feel very proud of yourself, Elijah, and we are extremely proud of you!”

What a pleasant surprise this was! Elijah’s success encourages us to look at the bright side amidst the challenging time that we are in. This only goes to prove that adversity will never discourage the one who is determined to succeed and meet his fullest potential. Indeed, this is the hope and inspiration all aspiring poets and contestants need to keep alive in them!.

For SMM, this is just a humble beginning…

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