September 8 has always been an important day in St. Mary’s Muhaisnah and it was no different for this school year 2022-2023. Amongst all other celebrations, Mother Mary’s birthday remains especially engraved in the hearts of students and teachers alike. On this day, lines and rows of students, ranging from years 1 to 11, all gathered in the school’s main hall with the single purpose of celebrating and renouncing the birth of Mary, exhibiting multiple performances and religious prayer services. To end, students were encouraged to show their appreciation and thanks with offerings of flowers and birthday cards. The presentations included songs and dance and role plays about Mary’s life performed by students in (the primary and secondary levels), spreading Mother Mary’s wisdom and strength in ways that are both entertaining and meaningful. All of this was made possible by the assistance and guidance of the RS department and of course the cooperation of their dear chosen RS students. With their efforts, the celebration of Mother Mary’s birthday became a profound experience in which students enjoyed a time for reflection and realized their unconditional gratitude for our saint.

Written by: Ren Chloe (10B)


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