Spelling Bee is a yearly event in the Primary at Saint Mary’s Catholic High School, Muhaisnah. This year’s SB Championship Round, held on16 March 2022, did not only aim to challenge the students to take spelling seriously as part of their English lessons, but to encourage camaraderie and collaboration across Upper KS2 students. Each group comprised the students from years 3 to 6 who had passed the qualifying round.

Three groups who vied for the top spot are : The Spelling Titans: Thivein Kenuka Wimalarathna, Y3A; Kayitare Travis Brook, Y4B; Aldrich Ethan R. Reyes, Y5C; and Marvy Melad Shahata of Y6A, The Spelling Wizards: Matthew Louis V. Dandan, Y3B; Macayle Craig Dsa, Y4C; Jaden Dsouza, Y5A; and from Y6B, Yashita Shelomi Mudalige and The Spelling Legends : Y3C, Julia Elise J. Conde; Michael Solomon Okeke, Y4A; Yuthari Dinayana Gedara, Y5B; and Camila Sophia D.P. Pedotera of Y6C.

Three rounds of five words each made up the competition this year.  The contestants put their heads together for the correct spelling of the words using different strategies such as graphophonemic awareness and context clues from the sentences that were given as examples for each item.

The Word Titans emerged as the Second place winners.

The first place was secured by the Spelling Legend.

And the Spelling Wizards bagged the Champion slot.

In the end, it was proven that four heads are indeed better than one.

SMM will continue to enhance students’ orthographic ability through spelling lessons and yearly competitions. The event aroused great enthusiasm and excitement among the students and made learning to spell a fun activity!