Preparation, tenacity and a common goal are the cornerstones of improvement and progress. The road to achieving the goals may at times be bumpy, but they are certainly attainable when we plan well for both the wins and the odds of the new academic year. A robust Induction programme is that which sets the tone of the year by laying the focus on the new goals as well as that which has elements of working on the feedback from the previous year.

The Induction Programme of 2022-2023 began with a Prayer session led by the Head of Pastoral , Sr Victoria Lavente followed by the school’s Managing Director, Sr. Tess Bayona, welcoming the newly appointed staff into the St. Mary’s Muhaisnah fold and introducing the staff members to all.

The St. Mary’s Muhaisnah Induction Programme for the academic year 2022-2023 did not only focus on welcoming and orienting the new teachers to life at St. Mary’s Muhaisnah but to have everyone ready again for the beginning of a usual face to face learning on the campus after two years of Distance Learning.

The curriculum highlights , the focus areas of of self evaluation and DSIB inspection were introduced by the school principal, Mr. Jaime Roth. This included bringing our attention back to the National Curriculum of England and making sure to adhere strictly to it in every lesson. The decision of making a paradigm shift in the assessment system in the Primary and Lower Secondary levels to align well with the principle of ‘age related expectations’ as stated in the NcfE was explained . With the broad expectations laid out, time was set for sectional and departmental meetings to facilitate deeper understanding of using assessment for learning as the primary mode of assessment in the school.

During these Sectional and subject ( department ) meetings aspects like the flow of the lesson ( lesson planning for effective learning) , routines and expectations of the school day, target setting, and marking and feedback protocols were some of the key areas of discussion. The discussions were led
by the Head of EYFS and Year 1 , Miss Sanober Galaria ( for the EYFS) , the Vice Principals, Miss Ishani Khanna for ( Primary Department) , and Miss Mari Ella Villocillo (the Secondary Department).

The new Assessment and Tracking policy was introduced and explained by the principal, Mr Jaime Roth and the IGCSE lead and Assessment Coordinator, Mr. Jan Christopher Lorbes.

The Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy was discussed by the Health and Safety Officer, Nurse Dianne and the Pastoral Team headed by Sr. Victoria Lavente.

Time was also allocated for the teachers to attend the 2-day CPD organised by Pearson for Saint Mary’s Group of Schools. The training equipped the teachers with different strategies for differentiation, support and challenge to help the students meet their maximum potential.

The afternoons of the last two days of the Induction Programme were allotted for lesson and classroom preparations in order to be ready for welcoming the students on 29 th August, 2022 .

The Induction Programme spelt out the expectations for all members of St. Mary’s Muhaisnah teaching community very explicitly.

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