SMM 1st Parents’ Induction of Students of Determination

SMM recognizes the vital role of parents in the education of their children especially of students of determination. A total of 12 parents convened on 21st of November to discuss about inclusion and creating support group to further strengthen the Inclusion Support Department’s open door policy.

Parents were warmly welcomed by Sr. Tess Bayona, SPC, School Directress. She expressed gratitude and emphasized the initiatives of the school to involve them in supporting their children at the same time SMMs goal to be an inclusive school for all.

In a nutshell, Ms. Meriam Moreno, Inclusion Champion and Learning Support Teacher, explained Dubai’s goal to be an inclusive city by 2020 which involves education as one the major pillars of inclusion. SMM adheres and recognizes the importance of education for all which is stipulated in the school’s inclusion policy.

Principal, Ms. Karen White inspired parents to be more involved in their children’s education and make reading a culture at home. This involves providing rich print environment, reading aloud with children and modeling reading.

This was followed by Ms. Marie Fe Cimafranca, Learning Support Teacher, who discussed the pathways of support, interventions, programs and services. Mr. Christopher Martinez, Guidance Counselor, briefly shared the importance of parents as stakeholders on inclusive education and concluded by personal “I Can Statements” of parents. Parents eagerly asked questions and sought answers regarding identification, support and provision which involves other agencies for special therapy sessions which was facilitated by Ms. Mary Ann Rianzares.

Closing message of thanks from Sr. Alma Esmero, SPC, Head of Pastoral Care followed with an encouragement for parents to create a support group.

With this objective in mind, parents introduced themselves and mentioned their children’s identified needs. The parents decided to convene again for an election of a focal person. Many mentioned success and challenges each of them faced and gave a positive impression of having more sessions to discuss possible strategies to strengthen home and parent education support.