Primary Investiture Ceremony 2022

Primary Investiture Ceremony 2022-2023 was held on 27th Oct 2022.

The primary school student council comprises students from years 3-6. Our team of young leaders has been elected by their classmates from among those nominated by the class tutors. Finally, the core team was selected after an interview process with members of the senior leadership team and
the pastoral team.

Though some may be born as charismatic leaders from the very start, current research has established that leadership skills are mostly transferrable and can be learnt.    At SMM, we provide the nurturing environment to those demonstrating leadership potential through different kinds of leadership roles and functions from as early as year 3.

The new student council comprises the Headboy, Headgirl from year 6, the Asst Headboy & Asst Headgirl from year 5, the House Captains and their Assistants from years 5 and 6 , the Wellbeing Monitor and Asst Wellbeing Monitor from year 6 and the Inclusion Representative to the Student Council from year 5 as the core team.  Besides, each section from Y3-6 has its own Student Care Ambassador and Environment Protection Officer.  In additon, a Wellbeing Team has been newly included to support the initiatives of the Primary school in enhancing the Wellbeing of students of Primary.  In all, we have 49 members in the team.

The programme began with the Head boy and Head girl ,  bearing the flags of the UAE and the school,  leading  the procession.  They were closely followed the House Captains who had the House colours flying high.  The Student Care Ambassadors held the flaglets bearing the core values of leadership in their hands.   The Environment Protection Officers held young bamboo shoots as a symbol of their support for the environment.   Candles were held by the Wellbeing team as a symbol of care, hope and wellbeing.   After they took their positions on the stage, the Chief Guest and the Senior Leadership Team were invited to take their seats.  The SMM drum and lyre band played to the tune of the National Anthem and set the tone of the event.  This was followed by a doxology presented by year 4 and a solemn   Islamic Prayer was recited by a year 6 student.  

After a welcome message from Ms Ishani Khanna , the Vice Principal ( Primary) , the oath taking ceremony was led by the Head of Pastoral, Sr Victoria Levente.  This was followed by the Principal, Mr. Jaime Roth’s message to the newly appointed team.  He spoke of practising leadership skills in our everyday life from a very young age.  Next, a video presentation of the achievements and activities of the outgoing team offered a glimpse to the journey of the leaders through the year.

Messages from the Head boy and Head girl were appreciated by all as they came from their hearts and also showed their commitment to being as best an example of character and effort as possible to the entire Primary section.   Following this, the chief guest, Mr. Rory Galvin, a widely experienced educator working across countries, addressed the audience to show his appreciation for the spark he was able to see in the young team.

The popular number, ‘Yesterday’s Dream’, was performed by a selected group of students from Y3-6.  Their rendition received admiration and applause from all present.   

The Directress, Sr Tess’s message to parents and the leaders were grounded on real life implications of being a true leader and   the performance of the new student council to ‘I Can’ sealed the deal of acceptance of the responsibilities as leaders by the team.  Finally, the closing message by the Head of Pastoral, Sr Victoria Lavente, emphasized once again on the importance of standing tall among equals in the new role as leaders of the Primary Student Council.