Encouraging students to immerse themselves in the world of poetry, St. Mary’s Muhaisnah held its second Poetry Blast on the 17th of March 2022. Poetry has been the area of literature that students find most challenging as it doesn’t only focus on merely saying the words but also requires understanding, ability to recite it with feelings, voice modulation and articulation, and applying dramatic appropriateness.

Poetry Blast 2022 featured 3 categories with 6 contestants each: Category A, years 1 and 2; Category B for Years 3 and 4; Years 5 and 6, Category C.

For the Opening remarks, Miss Ishani Khanna, the Vice Principal of the Primary Department wished all the contestants the very best and reminded them to celebrate their own victory while acknowledging the fact that at times, though one may not emerge as a winner, the most important thing was to enjoy the fun of participation  Following this, the  Principal, Mr. Jamie Roth, recited Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll to inspire a love of poetry in the  students.   In the end, Sr. Teresita Bayona, the Directress, applauded the contestants, and reminded them to keep on honing their talents.

Three talented students were hailed as winners for Category A: First Place winner is Carlos Johann D.P Pedotera of Year 2A ; Second Place, Mary Ann Gonsalves of Year 1C; and the Third Place is from Year 1A, Jannah Serene D.G. Clado.

The brilliant performances of the three contenders for Category B, two of whom recited the same poem, earned a reverberating applause from the audience. The dramatic recitation of Shel Silverstein’s ‘Sick’ made Gloriana Tolontino Gomes win the First Place, and Rose John of Year 4C, the Third Place. The Second Place was given to Saeeda Ehsan Akthar of Year 3A for her version of ‘Who’ll Save the Dying Man?’ by John Agard.

Triumph was in favour of the top 3 students of Category C. The young Michael  Rosen of SMM, Emmanuel Akinkumi Lawal, made his entire class proud by winning First Place for his version of ‘I’m the Youngest in our House’. The animated performance of Roald Dahl’s ‘The Dentist and the Crocodile’ led Marvy Melad Shahata, to the Second Place. The Third Place winner was Inakshi Udani Hiripitiyage of Year 5 C for her rendition of ‘Oh, I Wish I’d Look After Me Teeth’  by Pam Ayres.

St. Mary’s Muhaisnah will continue to make poetry come alive for the students with the rhyme and rhythm instilled in their hearts and the language of poetry etched in their minds.

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