Last 4 October 2018, the Learning support assistants had their 2nd CPD with the Inclusion support team in the presence of S. Alma, Head of Pastoral Care. The session had started at 1:20 PM in the 3-C Classroom. The discussion started with Miss Maf presenting the Blue book to the LSA’s with Mr. Dax becoming the lead example in sharing the important parts such as the dates, time, subjects, targets, and the specific observations during interventions and withdrawals based from the requirements of the IEPs provided by the Learning Support Teachers.  The writing styles will be in the format TWO STARS & A WISH promoting a more positive climate for feedback. These blue books were will be given to LSA’s who’ve got kids with identified needs either wave 2 or wave 3 students. It will be by the creativity of the LSA To have the book divided according to the number of children assigned to them. The blue book will also become the reports book of the LSA’s when they will be meeting their respective Inclusion Support Team Member.

There had been clarifications on the different waves of support and the discussion was led by teacher Meriam. It was clarified that it is not necessary that children be at wave 3 to be given support or be placed in the blue book. Wave 2 students who are given 2-6 weeks intervention set be the Heads of the Schools in coordination with the IST will also need to be in the blue book. Like those EYFS students of teacher Jhacyn who were given pull out interventions under the EYFS phonics programme.  TA’s in the primary level also did the same in the recent school year to assist EAL students.

Along the discussion, Miss Meriam gave the LSA’s a task to identify 5 lowest performers in class and have them discuss individual concerns with their respective class teachers and by the next session, will have to be matched to the program that will be suited to each child’s needs.

When all clarifications were settled, the discussion was brought to the topics of the day mainly, Autism and ADHD 101s’. The LSA’s and the Support Teachers had a very nice exchange of ideas and sharing of experiences regarding the two topics although there will still be in-depth sessions in the coming training days. Simple take-away notes were also shared to the LSA’s as a part of their PD portfolio.

There was also an introductory sharing on how to keep ourselves safe as LSA themselves may be encountering melt downs and aggressive behaviour from some of the students they may be handling. Sharing was also focused on keeping in mind that the students of determination were not to be penalised for the cause of their condition. The wonderful day of training ended up with a very encouraging tour to the display board of the Inclusion support where LSA’s saw familiar and famous people of determination.