An investiture was held last 17th of October 2018 for the reinstatement of a new student council to their responsibilities and oaths to live up to.

The occasion started with the Prefects striding down the Multi-Purpose Hall, holding bamboo as a sign of good luck. In pairs, the Prefects left the bamboo in a vase and marched up to the stage.

Next was a prayer in form of a song, sung by Year 9 student, Blythe. The prayer was directly followed by the singing of the UAE National Anthem.

As all sat down (excluding the Prefects on stage), Ms. Mari Ella, Head of the Secondary Department and emcee of the event, called upon Sister Teresita Bayona, Director of SMM, for the recitation of the Oath.

Afterwards, the Prefects were individually summoned to the front of the platform, and were given their badges, with their parent putting it on them. Subsequently, all rose for the singing of the School Song. The Prefects then sat to their respective seats.

Blythe was again introduced as she shares her rendition of “The Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston, a performance meant to congratulate the newly elected Student Council. It ended with raucous applause from the audience, to the singer’s satisfaction.

Then, the new Head Boy, Argel Justine Baquiran, delivered a speech promising to follow his duties and thanking everyone for supporting him. Then, it was followed by the new Head Girl, Janelle Meta Villacencio’s speech.

Before the occasion ends, Ms. Ella calls for Mr. John Turner and Ms. Karen White, to give the Prefects advice and formally congratulate them. Following their speeches were words of gratitude to everyone from Mr. Christopher.

Events like this reminded students that they too could be lead others, even when they’re not Prefects. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you want to achieve and do, and that leadership will always mean service to others.

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