St. Mary’s Group (SMG) of Schools convened for a training on “Creating an Adaptive Classroom” on 22nd of November 2018 conducted by Dr. Onita Nakra, Educational Psychologist. Inclusion Support Team headed by Sr. Alma Esmero, SPC cordially participated in the training which was practically about supporting children with Dyslexia and adapting pillars of pedagogy to lay foundations for students of determination to access instruction.

Strategies, approaches, and interventions were discussed thoroughly. Support professionals which were comprised of Special Educators, Counsellors, Psychologists, SENCOs and Head of Pastoral Care were given opportunities to ask questions and be clarified with existing systems done in each SMG schools.

After the lecture, grouping on the design, planning and sharing on strategies for skill development (student focused) and instruction (teacher focused) was the one of the highlight of half day training.

Each school present their shared group work. Most of the representatives chose individual intervention mostly in Reading and Maths.  Set skills are basically based on the individual needs of the Student of Determination.  Sharers are optimistic to stake the designed strategies for instruction as well as the possible materials/resources.

Dr. Nakra is very keen in writing the areas for clarification and verification.  Participants are tasked to give constructive remarks after the presentation.  Collaborative and informative exchange of ideas are widely and deeply witnessed for better outcome of the designed output for best practice of systematic intervention of the students.

The day ended with fruitful and meaningful sharing of expertise that each member of SMG can bring to their respective mission area for the welfare of the Students of Determination. xs

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