From beautiful prayers to astounding parades, St. Mary’s Muhaisnah took a huge leap when they celebrated Ms. Karen White’s (Principal of SMM) birthday along with their third anniversary celebration on September 25th in the main hall where the faculty, staff and students witnessed an amazing celebration.

Even though very young when compared to other schools, St. Mary’s Muhaisnah has already proven its success and has achieved several milestones. Now St. Mary’s Muhaisnah added one finer feather to its majestic head gear by marking the completion of three successful years.

The celebration was opened by the EYFS students reciting a prayer in their cute best selves, then, they continued with their adorable songs to which the crowd truly enjoyed.

After the EYFS, there came in the adorable Year 2 and Year 3 students marching through the front door waving the St. Mary’s Muhaisnah flags with pride and happiness. After the breathtaking parade by Years 2 and 3, the faculty, staff and students surprised Ms. Karen with cakes, flowers and gifts. She was requested to be on stage where she was serenaded by the Music teachers, Ms. Brenda and Ms. Veronica, together with Ms. Mae.

Later the crowd was requested to stand while they sang the song “We’re All In This Together “from the film “High School Musical “swaying along to the dance moves of Mr. Ron Ryan Naval. The students, faculty and staff sang and danced as “one” St. Mary’s Muhaisnah family in the true spirit of belongingness and expressing their determination to hold on to the same spirit and achieve through in the many more years to come.

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