Event: Global Recycling Day, # recycling Heroes.
Date: 4/3/2021
Participants: FS students and their families.

Activity: “Recycled Clothing Superhero Fashion Show” and “Recycling
Heroes’ Art Exhibition”
– FS1 students designed their own outfits
using recycled materials and walked the ramp in front of their
classmates while FS2 students used waste material found at home to
make beautiful recycled creations for display at the Art exhibition.

Goal: To inculcate an awareness of recycling, encourage innovation ,
boost creativity, and stir up critical thinking among our students.

Learning Outcome: Children have their attention drawn to recycling and
can use their creativity in fashion designing. They also get an
opportunity to look for suitable materials, make decisions, problem-solve,
and innovate.

Click here to view the photos

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