‘Every child is born a naturalist. His eyes are by nature open to the glory of the stars, the beauty of the flowers and the mystery of life.’

The Organic Oasis visit took place in January 2019 for the Years 3 and 4.

Owned by an Emirati family and managed by a diverse and dynamic team, the Organic Oasis Farm is aesthetically designed to provide closer interactions with nature and understanding of how the plants are grown.

This tour was intended for children to broaden their awareness about edible plants and farming. Children got a chance to see actual vegetables growing in various stages and fruits of various vegetables sprouting from their buds. It enabled them to have a greater appreciation of how their food is grown and its importance to one’s nourishment. They also came back with an understanding of the significance of organically grown food.

The students got food packets of nourishing organic food and an opportunity to touch and feel first-hand the vegetables growing on the farm.

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