Gardening Workshop by Dubai Municipality

50 students of KS2 participated in the gardening workshop conducted by Dubai Municipality on 30th November, 2022.  

As an introduction, the students were asked many questions about the importance of growing plants, the impact the vegetation cover has on preserving the earth, the number of edible and non- edible variety of plants there are in this world and the requirements that plants have to grow well.  Students made considered responses and contributed to a meaningful discussion.  Probing questions like – Why do we need to transfer a plant to a bigger pot?  How much oxygen is a big tree able to give out? – grabbed students’ attention and they were able to make a connection with the real world around them.

Then the students had a practical demonstration and hands on experience on how to repot a sapling properly.  Students asked questions to satisfy their curiosity about the composition of the gardening soil being used. They were taught how to loosen the soil of the pot , then upturn the pot,  hold the plant securely and to pull it  out of the pot.  Next, they planted the sapling securely in a bigger pot and watered  it.  Finally, they took their flowering plants home.

The workshop brought to life the importance of plants in our lives and helped students to realise that growing plants and taking care of them can be an easy and doable task for anyone.  Despite being in a completely urban society, SMM students have the privilege of making that connection with nature and see for themselves that plants have needs too and unless these are met, they do not grow well.  This is a real life experiment that many SMM students can choose to be a part of.