St. Mary’s Muhaisnah (Primary) celebrated excellence, tolerance, diversity, environment consciousness and a spirit of entrepreneurship on 27th June, 2019.  This maiden attempt aimed at projecting the best effort of students and their striving for excellence while developing their entrepreneurial skills.  

The venue (multi-purpose hall) was transformed into a buzzing arena of activities from  8. 30 am – 11.00 am when students and parents visited the pavilions representing different subject areas.  The primary focus of the staff and students was to represent excellence through various forms of expressions of learning gained during the year – exhibition of paintings, projects, interactive presentations and performances.  

In addition, a huge array of handmade articles made by the students  were available for sale to inspire entrepreneurship.  The students had been encouraged to actively take part in planning and making the articles, deciding on the pricing, arranging the display, and promoting and managing the sale.  The proceeds of the sale is being utilised for enhancing the learning experience of the students in school.

Pavilions were categorically decorated with recycled material.  Handicraft of the students focused on recycling and reusing things in innovative ways as a mark of our relentless support for the protection of the environment. 

An innovation circle held students performing live art, explaining the principles of working models, selling salad made on the spot and displaying mathematical expertise through games.  Pavilions competed with each other to promote the spirit of excellence and environment consciousness.  Visitors voted online through a google form to choose the best decorated pavilion using recycled material.  Their pavilion experience was also taken into account in choosing the best pavilion. The ‘Most Popular Pavilion’ title by students’ choice was awarded to Maths pavilion while Senior Leadership Choice was the Science pavilion.

The event was live streamed in the hall and the school reception area.

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