The National Astronomy Challenge is back!

NAC unlike any other Olympiad is the only Engagement led Olympiad which provides 5 months of the learning journey for the registered students while guiding them to prepare for the exam which will be held online in January 2022.

Registration can be done by clicking the following link:    

Who Can participate: Grade 4 (SMM-Year5)– Grade 9(St. Mary’s Muhaisnah Year 10)  Students

Registration fee is $8 (approximately 40 Dirhams) per participant.

All the details will be available on the website

Further FAQ can be accessed at this site.

Why takes this Olympiad?

Registered Students will learn with us and receive the following: –

5-month comprehensive program including

  1. Free access to world-class dynamic content prepared by astronomers and researchers of STEM & Space with extensive research.
  2. 6 workshops designed & developed by STEM & Space
  3. 5 LIVE webinars and interaction with experts from the space industry.
  4. 5 interactive quizzes as per given material and curriculum.
  5. Unlimited learning and fun.

What Champions get!

  1. 1st and 2nd winners from each grade, along with school representatives will be invited for three days visit to CHENNAI and ISRO, SRIHARIKOTA.
  2. 3rd and 4th winners from each grade will get free access to Cosmic Kids Club activities.
  3. The first two students scoring the highest percentile from each grade in each country will be recognized as NAC Champions for 2021.
  4. The school coordinator will get a recognition certificate duly signed by the authorities of STEM RESEARCH & INNOVATION.
  5. Students securing 75 percentile and above will be rewarded a ‘Certification of Merit’.
  6. All the students will be acknowledged for their participation with a ‘Certificate of Participation’.
National Astronomy Challenge

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