On the 27th day of September 2018, a total of fifteen Teacher Assistants convened to discuss their additional role as Learning Support Assistants (LSA) as aligned to the DEIF (Dubai Inclusive Education Framework).

Review of the different categories of needs and checklist of screening tools in identifying students with determination in class were thoroughly looked over.

They were also provided with a brief view of the parts of the Individual Education Plans (IEP) which aims to familiarize and acquaint the teachers with salient details which will be used for providing intervention. These were facilitated by Ms. Meriam Moreno, Inclusion Champion/ Learning Support Teacher.

After the discussion, Sr. Tess Bayona reminded the participants of the importance of their new role in creating a supportive classroom environment for teachers of SMM.

Right after, Ms. Meriam Moreno and Ms. Marie Fe Cimafranca, Learning Support Teachers had one-on-one coaching with the Key Stage 1 Teacher Assistants. Specific details and intervention program for these children were deliberated. Strategies and support were laid out for individualization for each students.

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