The Arabic and Social Study departments of St. Mary’s Muhaisnah organized the celebration of the 51st National day of the UAE on the 28th of November, 2022. 

Students and staff showed their oneness with the country by being either in   Emirati   national costume or in the colours of the UAE flag.  Demonstrating immense pride in the host country, the students participated in activities such as a speech on the development of the UAE through the years and introduced the great rulers of the seven emirates.   Some of the special features were the showcasing of the traditional games of the UAE, folk dance by the girls, and  the  Yollah dance by boys.  An Emirati student of the Secondary school, Sultan Ibrahim Ahmed Mohamed Alali,   won everyone’s heart with his perfect dancing skill!

Arabic heritage and the spirit of Arabic hospitality, created by a henna painting corner and the serving of kawa to the visitors, added to the ambience of the day.

 The hour -long programme ended with a song which   expressed the  value of respect in the UAE.

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