August 27, 2020 by kriztian

I am not in competition with anyone but myself. My goal is to improve myself continuously – Bill Gates

‘Education Perfect -Global Science Championships’ took place virtually from Tuesday, August 18th through to August 25th.  This 7-day global competition is designed to give students the ability to learn, revise, and extend themselves through a range of curriculum aligned science activities. The goal of EP Science is to help students develop a love of learning about Science.

Education Perfect is a leading digital education platform, providing transformative online teaching and learning experiences for more than 1.2 million students in over 4000 schools across 80 different countries.

By correctly answering questions, students earn points in the Championships, and incorrectly answered questions receive instant feedback, so they’re continually learning.

The results for the Championship for our students in SMM are as follows:

36 students across year levels 3 to 9 actively participated in this competition. A total of 26 award certificates were won based on the number of points scored. 

Not only did our students come 23rd overall globally but looking at the average points per student, our school was placed 5th globally with our students on average earning over 1000 points each! 

A big ‘Congratulations’ to all our students who took part.

Top 5 Schools by Average Score

 1. St Brigid’s College (VIC, AUS) — 10,824 points per student

 2. Emirates International School, Jumeirah (ARE) — 2,828 points per student

 3. Clarence High School (TAS, AUS) — 2,476 points per student

 4. GEMS Wellington International School (ARE) — 1,184 points per student

 5. St Mary’s Catholic High School, Muhaisnah (ARE) — 1,035 points per student

The names of students who were able to secure awards are as follows:

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