Last 31st of October, the normal Wednesday routine of the students and the teachers turned into astonishment as Miss Lynn, Head of Key Stage 3, announced that students’ entries have paid off and Virgin Radio will be visiting SMM.

The unexplainable excitement turned into talents and creativity as the students and the teachers prepared remarkable performances for the coming visitors. Everyone was ready to shout and to be a part of the event.

On the day of the visit, SMM Music Band gave a warm welcome to our notable guests in the gateway. Music and melodies eased them as they walked inside the school. As soon as they entered the hall, the crowd popped out the party poppers as our amazing guests walked with pride. They landed on the stage and the throng went crazy.

Kris Fade shouted and whooped the attention of the audience. The gallery could not settle on their seats for they were overjoyed for this event.

As the crowd settled down, Kris Fade introduced his mates.

The students and the teachers felt very excited and nervous as they about to present stunning performances dedicated only for the Virgin Radio.

The program started with a morning prayer for it is a norm in SMM. It was led by the selected students in Key Stage 3 wherein they shine in a glow in the dark pantomime to the tune of “Only Selfless Love”.

“This was the best thing we have ever seen”, said Kris Fade.

Song performances pleased everyone in the hall. Teachers too showed up their talent in singing and the playing the instrument. Our visitors titled them as ‘The Cool Teachers!’ Then, the SMM Dance Troop grove to the tune of “Level Up”. Their dance moves fired up the stage and the swag was unbelievable! That highlighted the event and boosted the audience’s energy to the maximum level.

After the breathtaking performances, Kris Fade held the microphone and first called up some students to ask questions in which a student requested Big Rossie to do his famous dance move and the crowd felt so thrilled to see it personally.

Next, Kris Fade asked for two volunteer students to join the Kris Fade Pop Quiz and compete to win a Dell gaming laptop.

Jasmine from 7D and Asyaz from 7C had a nail-biting match but in the end Jasmine brought home the bacon. Then, the selected teachers namely Mr. Ron, Mr. Gilbert, Mr. Jake, Ms. Pattricia and Ms. Danisile, compete on a dance match to win the trip to Warner Brothers Studio in Abu Dhabi. Everyone did great but in every competition, there is only a winner and that is Mr. Ron!

Lastly, the farewell moment had come. The Virgin Radio team thanked everyone for the warm welcome and astonishing performances. They also took selfie with the students, teachers and staff. As they were leaving, students had the chance to handshake with them and ask for their autographs.
Truly, this once in a lifetime event will always be cherished by the students, teachers and staff in SMM.

Video by: Jan Christopher Lorbes
Song: Electricity by Dua Lipa