Notice to Parents – 29th March, 2020

Posted on: Sun, March 29

Dear Parents,
Please note the following information regarding attendance for the Distance Learning:

  •  at 8.00 – 8.15 prior to lessons beginning at 8.30 for years 5 – 9. 
  •  at 2.30 – 2.45 prior to lessons beginning at 3.00 pm for years 1-4.   

This will be recorded in Orison and will form the attendance record for your child’s report, so it is vital that they get online to be marked as present. 
If your child can not go online for registration you must email the tutor and explain why not, and ensure they will complete the tasks given on that day. 
TUTORS will monitor the attendance of their classes and chase up non attenders and inform SLT. Distance learning is not optional. KHDA are monitoring this and looking closely at pupil attendance. You are obliged to ensure your child is taking part. 

Invites to live sessions:
Can you please ask your children to only do this five minutes before your session. There is a 15 minute gap between sessions for children to have a break and to get online for the next session. Some people are sending sessions much too early and it is interfering with other sessions as students log off and try to join another session scheduled for later… 
Thank you to everyone who is doing such a good job of getting involved. Why not also do the daily workout posted by the PE teachers as a family activity.
Stay Safe and keep well.
Kindest regards and God bless you all.

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