Notice to Parents – 28th May 2020

Posted on: Thu, May 28

Dear Parents,

We hope you all had a peaceful EID holiday and are well rested. Ramadan timings for school will continue until the end of next week. Primary will return to the later timings in the week beginning Sunday 7 June.

This week we have been looking into the expectations for September, which are still not confirmed by KHDA yet, and we are exploring options across all the SMG schools for blended learning, with some face to face sessions in school, and some home learning, and how that might look in our school. We are also not ruling out all students returning to school in a more normal way, but will need to wait for confirmation from the authorities in these matters, however, rest assured we are working hard behind the scenes to ensure we are well prepared for any eventuality, and have faith that our super team of teachers and staff will excel whatever the outcome, as they indeed have in the DL programme.

On Sunday at 2 pm we are offering a virtual meeting for parents of year 9 regarding the plans for the provision in year 10 next year. You will receive a notification of this separately and a link to the meeting. We look forward to sharing the curriculum and other aspects.with you on Sunday.

Fees and payments pending: 

 If you have paid we thank you and please ignore the following information as it does not apply to you.

  • There are still a large amount of pending fees for term 3.
  • Those with outstanding payments will be blocked for 3 days on 31 May, 1 and 2 June. We have extended the deadlines and given many opportunities to pay and make arrangements to clear the fees by the end of May in order to help facilitate your payments and avoid blocking of students. School is open daily from Saturday through to Thursday in order to pay at the office, or you can use the skiply app, or direct transfer to the bank. Blocking will be for the 3 days only, and will not exceed the 3 days. 
  • Report cards and TCs will not be issued for those with outstanding fees. 


On Wednesday 3 June some inspectors will join classes to see the distance learning in action. Students should not comment or interrupt the lesson to say that they have joined, so please make sure you tell your children this may happen and to ignore the new person who has joined the session.
Many thanks and have a good week.

All the best.

The management of SMM

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