Notice to Parents – 21st May 2020

Posted on: Thu, May 21

Dear Parents

The Formative Assessment Report will now be available for viewing at Mid Term and at the end of the term.   The understanding of students of the key objectives comprising both knowledge and skills is assessed on the basis of the classwork, class participation and assignments. 

From this year, a 9-point scale (instead of a 5-point scale used before) in line with the new GCSE grading system, is being used to evaluate the students’ work on each objective.   This report will allow the parents to watch the progress of the students through the term.  The average score contributes towards Class Assessment (10 marks) seen in the report card at the end of the term through a method of transmutation.  

Note: As of now, this applies to Primary and Secondary schools only and not EYFS. 


Ishani Khanna

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