Notice to Parents – 1st April, 2020

Posted on: Wed, April 1

Dear all,

As you will have no doubt seen in the press, schools have now had it confirmed that we will be continuing the Distance Learning until the end of this academic year. 

This means, as discussed, that we will be undertaking teacher assessment in years 1-6 based on class tests, and FA indicators. In years 7 – 9 there will be the scheduled ‘mock tests’ as discussed in order to give an indicator of student understanding. This will also be combined with class tests and formative assessment for the final term 2 marks. 

Reports will be out by the end of April as discussed. 

In the meantime, we are continuing to offer you a broad and balanced education. Some schools are only offering core subjects, but we are continuing the whole curriculum, as your child still deserves the experiences in Music, Art, etc. 

There is an article that has some FAQs from KHDA with answers.

Here are a couple of them: 

My child’s school has asked me to pay for next term’s fees. What options do I have?

“Schools are continuing to operate and provide education to students, though we also understand that many families are in a difficult financial situation. In these uncertain times, payment of school fees will need compromise from both schools and parents.” We are offering monthly payments where there are difficulties, but please remember we too have staff and bills to pay and our fees are lower than most schools, so no further discounts will be applied. You MUST get in touch to arrange this or pay the fees in order to access the online learning.

Can schools deny access to distance learning because of late tuition fee payments?

“All outstanding term fees need to be paid at the beginning of the term to enable student to continue access to distance learning,” replied the KHDA. It is highly important that you get the fees paid so your child can complete the year and have their final report for the year showing they have completed their current school year and are ready and able to move on to the next year group. 

Admissions: Are online. The assessments and entry tests will be conducted online, so please fill the online application and get in touch with our admissions team who are working diligently at home in order to make sure the application process is still working and moving forward. 
How do we apply for admission for AY2020-2021?
Admission is ongoing and is now online.  Register your child online on the school website The application will be reviewed and you will be contacted soon for further procedures through email from the Admissions Department.
Deadline for payment for the Re-registration for AY2020-2021 has been extended until 15 May to ensure payment for the 3rd Term fees are fully settled.
Student issues:
We have had reports of some students making inappropriate comments both verbally and by texting into the live sessions. This will not be tolerated. This live time is crucial for teachers to address common errors etc and ensure students are fully equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding in order to do their tasks. Students behaving in this way will be muted and may be excluded from the live sessions should such behaviour persist. This will affect their attendance and attainment grades. Kindly reinforce this to your children. Tutors or the behaviour team will be in touch with you should we need to block your child from the sessions for this reason. It will then be their responsibility to catch up after the live session. Microphones MUST be off during the sessions until the children are asked to contribute. This rule applies to all meetings, including our SLT and the Vicariate Manager’s meeting this morning, so the students need to understand this is rule for everyone.  

Many thanks as always for your continued support. 
SMM Management 

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