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Posted on: Wed, June 19

New Promotion Policy

According to an updated promotion policy effective 2018-2019, formal retest will be held if a student fails to attain a minimum of 50 in the Final marks (Term1 + Term2 + Term 3) in any subject.   In the event of such a situation, the student will be notified by the class teacher to sit for a retest on a fixed date (in early July). The result of these retest cases will be available only when school reopens in the new academic year.

If a student fails to attend the retest examination on the set date, it will automatically amount to failing the subject for that academic year and this will be reflected in the report card.  In case of an emergency, if the student fails to attend the exam, he / she will need to take the exam on a certain date in the 1st week of September and will have to wait for the result to be available from KHDA before joining back in the new academic year. 

If a student fails in 3 or more subjects even after retest, the case becomes eligible for detention in the same class. 

School timing from 25th June to 4th July

Keeping in line with recommendation from authorities for preventing students from being exposed to extreme heat, the dismissal time for students will continue to be at 11.00am till 4th July.   Several activities to enhance the students’ learning experience have been planned for this period.  Attendance is compulsory as these days are a part of the minimum number of instructional days set by KHDA. 

Awarding Ceremony 

This year’s Awarding Ceremony to honour commendable achievement of the students will be held on 3rd July, 2019. 

Sectioning of students from Y3 and above

The students will be shuffled and new sections will be formed in the new academic year to encourage development of positive attitude to change and the skill of acceptance and flexibility in the students. 

Reading during summer vacation  Reading for pleasure during summer vacation should be a priority for all. Students of lower primary who need extra support at home in reading should be using the time to cover the learning gap with the help of resources and suggestions offered by the school.

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