Saint Mary’s Catholic High School Muhaisnah endeavours to give stu-dents the quality education they rightfully deserve. To accomplish such purpose, nothing beats the preparation of the SLT, HODs, teachers and school staff. To main-tain the aim of giving the best, the trailblazers of SMM prepared an in-duction program for the new teach-ing staff last August 27, 2017. They were met and welcomed by the oth-er teachers on the second day of the program.

After the holidays, the program resumed on the 4th of September. It started with an Invocation/Prayer led by the selected teachers under the guidance of Sr. Alma Esmero. Mr. Derrick Duggan, the SMM school head, gave his final reminders for the preparation of the teachers re-garding their classrooms, lessons, personal and professional commit-ment.
Soon, the teachers attend their department meetings for lesson plan preparations and collabora-tion. Suggestions and brilliant ideas filled each and every venue. They made certain that everything was ready for the next day and a silent pact was formed that such team-work and camaraderie would be the pillars of every department at SMM.
Next, the class teachers made sure that their classrooms were conducive for making the learning fun by putting up the best decora-tions possible. The boards along the corridor were also decorated to invite the students to the class-rooms for learning.
The most awaited part of the day came after lunch; the awarding cer-emony. Mr. John Turner, Mr Derrick Duggan and Sr. Tess Bayona hand-ed the certificates of participation which marked the conclusion of the program.
To others, it might mean the end of something, but to the SMM teach-ers, it is just the beginning. For the new ones, it was the spring of their journey in SMM. For the not so new who have tested the waters, fought with and against the wind and braved the storm, this dawn is be-stowed with a chance to swim deeper, fly higher and work harder in pursuit of achieving the SMM dream.