Thursday. 4th of May, 2017, the most beautiful sound
in the world filled every corner of SMM; the students’
laughter that echoed excitement and thrill of
anticipation. It was the day when all the children and
adults alike gave themselves the permission to be the
craziest and the happiest versions of themselves. For
a day, they’ve viewed the world with awe and wonder,
letting their minds be excitedly free.

The program aimed not only to showcase the
costumes and the bearing of them but to recognize
the heroes within and amongst us. The regular
morning assembly unveiled the event of the day. Mr.
Derrick Duggan, the clone of James Bond 007, in
his usual suit and ever dignified Mr. John Turner,
Ms. Ishani whose only costume was her contagious
smile, the powerpuff girls rolled into one in the
person of Miss Ella, and the heroes in veils, Sr. Tess
Bayona, Sr. Terry Capurihan, Sr. Rosalie Badelic
and Sr. Alma Esmero didn’t miss to grace the event.