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Creative Writing and Colouring Competition Winners

- Teresa Rivera

Creating Support Group for Parents

Gazette News

On 31st of January 2019, our parents were called to discuss how we have progressed, what we have been doing and how they can better help us. The purpose was for our parents to get a better understanding of what they can do and hear other parent’s stories so other parents can encourage them on… continue reading »

- Aryan Vaikkatil 8B and Dominique Munro 7D

Classroom Support Planning Session

Gazette News

24th of January 2019, Learning Support Assistants (LSA) had in-depth session with Ms. Maria Jolit Angeline Malaya, SEND Coordinator of SMM in accomplishing the Classroom Support Plans in their respective classes. LSA’s increasing capacity to assist and support students under Wave 2 and Wave 3 impacts learning, thus making determined students feel important members of… continue reading »

- Ms. Maf Cimafranca

Maths’ Wizards Signs-up for Maths – Supplementary Learning Program

Gazette News

28th January 2019, high ability students of Year 9 volunteered to be “peer coaches” to our determined students. Seven students passionate about numbers would like to share simple ways how to enjoy, learn and to love Maths. Maths Department in collaboration with the Inclusion Support Department conceptualized and launched the Maths Supplementary Learning Program in… continue reading »

- Ms. Maf Cimafranca


Gazette News

10 January 2019, Inclusive Support Team spearheaded another training on Classroom Support Plan and Guided Reading to Learning Support Assistants (LSAs). New members of the team, Dr. Maria Jolit P. Malaya, SEND Coordinator (SENDCO) and Ms. Amparo “Ampi” Aideleene F. Tenorio, our Learning Support Teacher were formally introduced. Ms. Diane Shane Marpuri, Focal Person of… continue reading »

- Ms. Ampi Tenorio

First SMM Coffee Morning and Reading Workshop Held

English Department

The first SMM Coffee Morning and Reading Workshop was held last January 24, 2019 at the SMM Library. Its goal was to actively involve the SMM parents in the school’s endeavour of supporting the UAE National Agenda of creating and strengthening a generation of lifelong readers who enjoy books and contribute to a knowledge-based society…. continue reading »

- Jannet Danas

Green Hope Events

Gazette News

Event: Mamzar beach clean up Date: March, May and December (2018) Our Eco Warrior team have developed multiple community links since our establishment in early 2018. One of our most valued links is with the Green Hope charity. In March 2018, May 2018 and December 2019, they kindly invited 60 of our students to beach… continue reading »

- - Lynn McGovern

UAE National Day Celebration

Gazette News

To be effectively involved in the national day and share the happiness and celebrations within UAE Arabic department celebrated the 47th National day on 28th of November 2018. Most of the students participated in the celebration which was including traditional Arabic dance, poems, national songs, Drama and speech. Beside these activities, the department conducted some… continue reading »

- Ms. Afaf – Arabic teachers

SMM 1st Parents’ Induction of Students of Determination

Gazette News

SMM recognizes the vital role of parents in the education of their children especially of students of determination. A total of 12 parents convened on 21st of November to discuss about inclusion and creating support group to further strengthen the Inclusion Support Department’s open door policy. Parents were warmly welcomed by Sr. Tess Bayona, SPC,… continue reading »

- cldm


EYFS Department

The EYFS department of Saint Mary’s Catholic School, Muhaisnah, celebrated the UAE Flag Day on Sunday, the 4th of November 2018. The students showed great enthusiasm and joy in participating in various activities to celebrate the event.  One of the highlights of the day was the making of a special UAE Flag, painted by the… continue reading »

- Jaimiely Monedo

The UAE Flag Day Celebration 2018

Gazette News

UAE Flag Day is an occasion when all the people in UAE come together as one to honour and love the founding fathers of this amazing country and its astonishing flag. SMM celebrated this on the 6th of November 2018. The assembly started as the Key Stage 3 students were gathered in their assembly area… continue reading »

- Elizza Miriam Mathew 8C


SMM News

Last 31st of October, the normal Wednesday routine of the students and the teachers turned into astonishment as Miss Lynn, Head of Key Stage 3, announced that students’ entries have paid off and Virgin Radio will be visiting SMM. The unexplainable excitement turned into talents and creativity as the students and the teachers prepared remarkable… continue reading »

- Shaleen Poudyal 8C

Creative Inclusive Classrooms

Gazette News

On the 27th day of September 2018, a total of fifteen Teacher Assistants convened to discuss their additional role as Learning Support Assistants (LSA) as aligned to the DEIF (Dubai Inclusive Education Framework). Review of the different categories of needs and checklist of screening tools in identifying students with determination in class were thoroughly looked over…. continue reading »

- Patricia May Santos


Gazette News

“It’s a time to focus on abilities and not disabilities” -Jason Shawndale steel On the 14th of October, a worker from the Special Olympics all the way from Abu Dhabi came to SMM to share the knowledge about the Special Olympics and what it is formally about. The Special Olympics is a program where people determination… continue reading »



Gazette News

From beautiful prayers to astounding parades, SMM took a huge leap when they celebrated Ms. Karen White’s (Principal of SMM) birthday along with their third anniversary celebration on September 25th in the main hall where the faculty, staff and students witnessed an amazing celebration.   Even though very young when compared to other schools, SMM has… continue reading »

- Miriam Mathew 8C

Investiture Ceremony Held at SMM for New Student Council Prefects

Gazette News

An investiture was held last 17th of October 2018 for the reinstatement of a new student council to their responsibilities and oaths to live up to. The occasion started with the Prefects striding down the Multi-Purpose Hall, holding bamboo as a sign of good luck. In pairs, the Prefects left the bamboo in a vase… continue reading »

- Faizalen Ballesteros

SMM Basketball Team Won from New Indian Model School, Abudhabi – Scores 44 – 22


Our Basketball team have been practicing hard for the Inter School Tournament organised by GEMS Modern Academy in which 16 School’s across UAE are taking part. On Thursday 1 November we played against New Indian Model School, Abudhabi and we won 22 – 44. Keep your eyes peeled for the results of our next match on… continue reading »

- Karen White

Inclusion Assembly 2018

SMM News

Inclusion being an important focus in all schools in Dubai, the aim of our assembly was to show everyone how the principle of inclusion has been adopted as a part and parcel of our lives in SMM.   At the start, our news reporter introduced the assembly with the vision of Dubai to be ‘a… continue reading »

- Ms. Nina and Ms. Emma


SMM News

On the 3rd day of the training of the LSA’s 11 October 2018, the discussion started with the sharing of Miss Maf on the form “Impact of Provision.” She shared the process and the importance of the document in monitoring the impact of whatever provision is shared with students of concern (wave 2) and wave… continue reading »

- cldm


SMM News

  Last 4 October 2018, the Learning support assistants had their 2nd CPD with the Inclusion support team in the presence of S. Alma, Head of Pastoral Care. The session had started at 1:20 PM in the 3-C Classroom. The discussion started with Miss Maf presenting the Blue book to the LSA’s with Mr. Dax… continue reading »

- cldm


Clinic News

INFECTION CONTROL POLICY (Please detach this page and keep it with you.)   IN ORDER TO REDUCE THE SPREAD OF ILLNESSES IN THE SCHOOL, THE FOLLOWING REGULATIONS ARE ADVISED: Please DO NOT send your children to school if they have: Fever of 37.5 C and above Skin rashes (see your doctor first and provide a… continue reading »

- Nurse

Wellbeing Census

Parents News

KHDA and the schools of Dubai are working to support and improve the wellbeing, happiness, and quality of life of students in our school, WE recognize that supporting and improving the wellbeing of our students will lead to students being able to achieve their full potential. This is supported by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin… continue reading »

- - SLT