International Children’s Day at SMM

December 8, 2020 by kriztian

International Children’s Day is observed across the world on 20th November to recognise the rights of children to have a happy and safe childhood.   This day   was celebrated in Primary by inviting students of Year 1 to 6 to participate in a way that they enjoyed most.  They loved the opportunity of free expression and showed off their talents in many ways.    As they sang or played an instrument or spoke about how they could spread happiness among others, they exuded delight and pride in what they did.  That is the essence of childhood – to feel joyous, safe and secure in the knowledge that they are being cared for and valued as individuals.   Their marvelous self – expressions are captured here…

Childrens Day 2020 Yr.1-4

Childrens Day 2020 Yr.5-6

Childrens Day 2020 EYFS

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