Geography: Describing Different Local Jobs and Understanding Its Purpose

April 26, 2020 by kriztian

Are there only teachers and doctors in the community? Year 1 students answered the question through a “Dress Up Day” last April 19 to show the different local jobs in the UAE. 

On that special day, students were dressed in a variety of outfits that were mostly improvised, and used props to demonstrate the job that they represented.  Many jobs were represented by the students’ choices.  Popular picks include firefighters, police officers, teachers, and chefs.  Some even represented the frontliners in fighting the corona virus such as doctors, street cleaners and delivery persons. Each student  talked about their chosen job and explained its role in the community. Surprisingly, some had even explained how the job of their choice helps in fighting the virus that we have at the moment.  At the end of the session, students had a better understanding of different  jobs and its purpose and most especially understanding that whether it’s a job in the street or in an office, a job that is highly paid or lowly paid, every job is important in keeping the community safe and in order.  

In this activity, it is important to note that while our campus is closed, our school is not and our students are still continuing to learn and explore their community. A big thank you to our parents for their support and for extending learning opportunities at home. 

Ms. Rashel Mae Escandar-Apostol

Year 1 SST Teacher

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