Extra Curricular Activities

The mission of the school states: “We endeavor to integrally develop every student to their full spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and artistic potential.”  In support of this mission, the school will provide for the following extra-curricular activities:

Key Stage One  and Key Stage Two

Extra-Curricular Activities will be offered throughout Key Stages One and Two. Students will have 2 periods of activity ( for example dancing, arts and crafts and cookery). Through these activities students will develop their talents, confidence and values as they learn, socialize and participate in them. Students will participate, throughout the year, in all three activities, as each activity will last for approximately three months.

Key Stages Three and Four

Extra-Curricular activities in Key Stages Three and Four will be held for all year groups, except for students in the Board Examination classes : Grade 11 and A- Level. Some of the activities are: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Cookery, Quilling, Scrapbooking, Music, Dance, Science Club, Environment Club, Chess Club and Board Games, Quiz Club.

In addition to timetabled extra-curricular sessions the school will provide opportunities for the students to take part in assemblies, programs and initiatives which will give them the opportunity to develop their self-esteem and responsibility. The development of speaking and listening skills is not only found in the Language lessons. All children are expected to be able to engage positively with fellow students and adults.

A range of intra-school competitions, quizzes and exhibitions offer the opportunity for students to share their work with others and learn the values of co-operation, collaboration and mutual respect.
As the school population will be made up of students from many cultures, this will be celebrated in the form of displays around the school, Ethnic Day programs and the U.A.E. National Day program.