50th UAE National Day Celebration at SMM

December 5, 2021 by Ishani Khanna

The momentous occasion of the 50th National Day of the UAE ( 2nd December, 2021) was celebrated at SMM with great enthusiasm on 29th November, 2021.  The school décor, the students and staff sported the vibrant colours of the UAE flag.  Special assemblies, highlighting the many milestones in the glorious journey of the UAE spanning over five decades, were organized by the Arabic department, across the school.   Through the program, depicting the unique path travelled by the UAE under the able leadership of the great statesmen of the nation over these 50 years,  the students and staff took pride in flaunting the UAE national costume and the culture and heritage of the country.    


The remarkable progress of the country demonstrated   its ability to harness every opportunity that presented itself and its expertise in leveraging its challenges to emerge as one of the countries to reckon with in the world today.   Since its humble beginning with pearl diving and fishing as its primary economic activities, the UAE has made quantum leaps into the future to achieve unprecedented technological, architectural, and scientific advancement.   After riding the crest of the oil boom, the UAE has successfully transitioned into being a world class, knowledge based economy with education, cultural diversity and wellbeing for its people as its top priority.   The young nation now prides itself as one of the best loved destinations in the world to visit, live or work in. Click here to view the photos

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