SMM Christmas Fiesta 2021

November 30, 2021 by Ishani Khanna

The SMM school grounds came alive with a spirit of cheer and festivity on Friday, 26th November, 2021! It was SMM Christmas Fiesta 2021, an annual gala event organized by the Friends of SMM ( FOSMM) , our active and enthusiastic parents community!  The event was formally inaugurated by the principal, Mr. Jaime Roth and the directress, Sr Tess Bayona at 2.00 pm .  The teachers, staff, the student council members and the FOSMM came together in this venture to make it a shining example of collaboration between the school and the parents community.

Buzzing with the voices of the friends and families of the SMM community, the school grounds transformed itself, in the mild November afternoon, into a fair ground that sported an intriguing range of activities and fun fare.  The main attractions were the raffle draw, the games that challenged the young and the old alike, the inviting food stalls with the fascinating display of delicacies from around the world,   the wide array of nick nacks and other commodities that tempted all the treasure hunters, the face painting artists who allured the gleefully smiling children, Santa’s grotto that charmed  the fun loving dreamers with the promise of meeting Santa and  above all , the most awaited talent show of students across Primary and Secondary school.   Their solo as well as  group performances of songs, storytelling, Zumba , dance, musical instruments, tricks and magic , held captive a group of awestruck , wide eyed crowd of the doting families!  The students   performed with unusual elan and the prizes and promotions added the perfect fuel to the fire.

All of this was possible for the ardour of the FOSMM and the generosity of the sponsors like Prime Health, NTDE, Juice Spa and Salon, Desert Cubs, Hotpack, Lulu, Abott, MYO, Magic Planet, Eurocake, Little Explorers, Golden Beans, Oli Oli, Clover to name a few.

The teachers and staff of SMM offered their wholehearted support in making the event a grand success!

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