KS3 Science Best Works!

July 2, 2020 by kriztian
Digital Art – Science of Force fields

An exhibition comparing science fiction with science fact includes a section on ‘Real force fields’. Students produced a series of A4 posters or a computer presentation explaining the science of force fields. Their presentations include magnetic, gravitational and electric fields, how to give objects a charge of static electricity, and uses of electromagnets and how the strength of the magnetic field of an electromagnet can be controlled by using resistors to control the current.

Recycling Report (UAE)

Students carried out some research on UAE recycling initiatives and then wrote a report for their local council on the advantages and disadvantages of a proposed new recycling plant in their area.

Problem Solving: Soundproof Design

Students investigated which materials are the best for soundproofing. They explored different materials and decided which materials to use for soundproofing their box. Each student assigned a different material and they filled their box with that specific material. Students measured the sound level of a tone playing from inside the box using a decibel meter from outside the box. Students shared this data during live session and analyzed which types of materials absorbed the most sound and which reflected the most sound.

Home lab: Static Electricity

Students performed simple experiments at home using materials readily available at home. These experiments enabled the students to have a better understanding on how electric charges interact and how static electricity builds up and transfers.

Home lab: Recycling Paper

Students made a recycled paper from old newspaper, and evaluated the quality of the paper formed. They carried out an independent research in planning their own investigation.

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