Visit to Veggie Tech Farm in Sharjah

January 9, 2020 by kriztian

The visit to Veggie Tech farm was arranged to support the students of KS2 who have undertaken the hydroponics project at school as one of the innovation initiatives of SMM.  Here the students could witness how vegetables and fruits can be grown using modern technology like hydroponics and other methods that make it possible to produce a much higher yield using very limited resources like water and space.  This is particularly advantageous in dry areas thereby making it sustainable and most relevant in the context of the UAE.

The engagement of the students and the range of questions they asked demonstrated their interest that was generated by the visit.  The founder of the farm, Mr Hemant Julka, deserves special mention for his sincere effort in showing the students around, explaining the processes involved in such methods of farming and answering all their queries scientifically and patiently.

 The enthusiastic students had hundreds of questions to ask …

“Why does the grow light emit only blue and red light?”

“My mother has many plants at home and despite her best efforts, those plants die.  Why do those plants die despite the best care given?”

“Why do plants need calcium?”

“Why do the plants need to be kept in air conditioned rooms?”

“To what height can the plants grow in a vertical tower?”

“What do agronomists do?”

It was indeed a treat for the students to pick cucumbers and ears of corn from the plants with their own hands! 

With all their questions answered and getting a first-hand experience of how vegetables are grown and harvested in a greenhouse and in a vertical tower, the students returned with their curiosity piqued further.  Most definitely, they will take this learning forward through their own project of growing plants hydroponically in school.

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