Notice to Parents – 29th March, 2020

Posted on: Sun, March 29

Dear Parents,
Since we are not certain whether students will be allowed to return to school on 5th April,  we need to prepare a contingency plan for SA2 exams/ marks for the report cards in the case that we do not return. 
Primary Section: (Years 1-6) NO FORMAL EXAM.
In the event that we do not return by 5th April, Primary will use Teacher judgement,  based on Formative assessment performance  & any class assessments they might have done or will be doing in these days of distance learning.   
Therefore for term 2 your child will not have any formal online exams if we do not return to school on 4 April. 

Secondary Section: MOCK EXAMS ONLINE.

During this uncertain and challenging time, we need to be flexible and ensure quality distance learning keeping in mind the consistency and tracking of students’ academic performance. 

With this, the revision and final coverage of term 2 objectives will continue this week. On 5th to 9th April, teachers will conduct a mock assessment online. 

Timetable for mock assessment:

DateYr. 7Yr. 8Yr. 9
5th Apr – SunSST and FrenchFrench and SSTSST and French
6th Apr – MonMaths and MEPArabic and MEPMaths and MEP
7th Apr – TuesEnglishEnglishEnglish and Chem
8th Apr – WedSci and RS/CIT/ISLSci and RS/CIT/ISLArabic and Bio
9th Apr – ThursArabicMathsRS/Isl/Cit and Physics

During the mock assessment week, non-core subject teachers will not to have live sessions or tasks for students so they can focus on their mock assessment preparation.


This is really challenging as usually it is done by the tutor who can see the students in class. We need you to therefore help us to make sure we are accurately recording the attendance. Secondary students are expected to be able to log on and register independently at 8.00 – 8.15.

For some students in Primary will have a register taken by the tutor each day at  2.30 – 2.45. 

For whose parents are still at work for the live sessions, we ask the parent to please email the tutor to let them know you are accessing the session later, so they can then mark your child present. Task submission will also be used to check attendance. 

The subject teachers have the attendance at the live sessions and HODs have sent their collated information showing by year group the % attendance. 

Tutors will monitor their class attendance and submission of tasks. 

Subject teachers will post a comment to absent students and email parents if they miss 2 sessions or do not submit work. 

Please note that attendance is being marked and will be reported in the report cards and is part of school official records. It is highly important that your child attends these online sessions.  

This has been a good and very busy week so far, keep us updated about your issues and help us to help you. As the saying goes if you are happy, tell everyone, if not, tell us….

Thanks everyone for your efforts and hard work. We have made a good start, so onwards and upwards!! 

God bless you all and keep safe and well.

SMM Management.

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