Secondary School

KEY STAGE THREE (Years 7, 8 and 9)

All students in Key Stage 3 follow a curriculum that not only builds upon the work followed in the Primary School but also prepares students for study in Key Stage 4. The subjects offered are English Language, English Literature, French, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Social Studies, I.C.T., Islamic Studies/Bible or Citizenship Studies, Art and P.E.

KEY STAGE FOUR (Years 10 and 11)

Students in Year 10 and 11, having followed a two-year course, take external examinations in at least 8 subjects. The examinations taken are General Certificates in Education (GCSE) and administered by the London Edexcel GCSE Board.

All students follow the core subjects of English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Arabic, Islamic Studies/Bible or Citizenship Studies and French and supplement their programme with optional choices. The options are designed in a block formation which will differ each year according to student demand. Students may choose three subjects from: Art, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Computer Studies, Geography, History and Physical Education.