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    /slideshows/homeLarge/HAPPY-SMM.jpg In its first year of operation, within a span of just 10 months, St. Mary’s Catholic High School, Muhaisnah was declared a “School of Hearts Ambassador” by the KHDA on 23rd May, 2016. Read More... /documents/2016/6/School%20of%20Hearts%20Write%20up.pdf _blank
    /slideshows/homeLarge/EYFS-UAE-flag-day.jpg EYFS UAE Flag Day https://goo.gl/NoJXDA _blank
    /slideshows/homeLarge/investiture-2016-2017.jpg SMM Student Council Prefects Investiture Ceremony S.Y. 2016-2017
    /slideshows/homeLarge/SMM-inauguration.jpg SMCHSM Inauguration Day Read More... /documents/2015/10/Inauguration%20Program.pdf _blank
    /slideshows/homeLarge/SMCHSM-sports-day-2015.jpg Click here to see sports day photos https://goo.gl/photos/hd9v44BxaAis9bnQA _blank
    /slideshows/homeLarge/Diwali.jpg DIWALI@SMCHSM Read More... /documents/2015/12/Diwali%20Assembly.pdf _blank
  • First Batch of First Communicants
    St. Mary’s Catholic High School prepared the first batch of First Communicants. On May 28, 2016 forty-four (44) Catholic students of Year 4, and a few of Years 5 and 6 celebrated their First Holy Communion at the 9:00 AM Mass. The Holy Mass was officiated by the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Lennie J. A. Connully, O.F.M., cap. These 44 students: 23 girls and 21 boys, marched from the main hall to the church in their white gala uniform, and were joined by students who already had their First Holy Communion. Year 3 students were also present. Families, relatives and friends of the first communicants witnessed this special event.
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    The EYFS 2 section of St.Mary’s Catholic High School, Muhaisnah, proudly presented a brand new chapter in the famous fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel.  The tiny but supremely confident FS 2 students put up a laudable performance on May 26, 2016, before a sizeable gathering of about 100 parents in the show titled ‘The New Adventure of Hansel and Gretel’. Read more>
  • Circulars

    TERM 1

    Newsletter: Number 13
    October 2016
    Dear Parents,

    We have started our season of parents’ teacher meetings and the feedback from you has been excellent. Thank you for kind words of support.
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    Newsletter: Number 13
    October 2016

    Dear Parents,

    We are already half way through the term and the staff and students are now in a nice rhythm of teaching and learning. >>Read more

    Newsletter: Number 12
    August 2016

    Dear Parents,

    Welcome back to SMM. I hope you had a restful summer and your children have come back refreshed and ready for the new academic term.
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  • Academics

    • EYFS Curriculum for S.Y. 2016-2017

    We follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum as it specifies the need to nurture each child’s abilities and interests to prepare them for the next phase of their primary education. Read more>>
  • Admission

    is open for Year 5 to Year 7
    All applications must be submitted online.

    To apply for admissions please visit the Admissions Process Page or click here.

    Entrance Exam Topics